6 Places For The Best Cake In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

From decadent handmade cakes to buttery croissants and classic chocolate chip cookies, there’s something for everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, these six bakeries in Williamsburg will not disappoint. Williamsburg, New York’s coolest neighborhood, has some of the best bakeries in the city.

While that all sounds good, I feel like most guides often seem to neglect people who aren’t as mobile as the rest. Be it wheelchair users or parents struggling with a big and heavy stroller. Therefore, we will also report on wheelchair and stroller accessibility at the best Williamsburg bakeries.

Read on for the 6 best bakeries for cakes and pastries in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Martha’s Country Bakery

175 Bedford Avenue and 263 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

One of the best bakeries in Williamsburg: Martha's Country Bakery.

Martha’s serves an impressive array of creamy cake slices (and whole cakes), apple pie, cheesecake, cookies, macaroons, and cupcakes. We’ve been fans for years and with two locations on Bedford Avenue, it’s difficult to resist not stopping by for a slice of heaven. Martha’s Country Bakery especially excels in their cake slices. They never seem to have an off-day and are always heavenly light and moist.

Over the years, we’ve tried quite a few of their cake slices and while we occasionally try something new we always seem to go back to our favorites: the ‘Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake’, the ‘Chocolate Layer Cake’ and the ‘Oreo Layer Cake’. Try at least one of them (or all three!). You will not be disappointed.

Seating and accessibility: both locations are wheelchair accessible and have great seating options and most often availability too (tip: get the end table at the smaller location on 175 Bedford Avenue). The location on 263 Bedford Avenue is much larger with plenty of space for strollers and wheelchair users.

Nick and Sons

205 Leonard St, Brooklyn

Buttery pastries at the little bakery Nick and Sons in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Tucked away in East Williamsburg, this small local bakery offers buttery pastries and an amazing seeded sourdough loaf. The owner Nick became passionate about baking after a visit to the Danish-inspired bakery Braud & Co in Iceland (and shortly after moved to Reykjavík to train to become a baker at Braud & Co!)

Inspired by his baking enlightenment in Iceland, this divine bakery opened in East Williamsburg in 2018 and has become a favorite among locals and a must-visit for travelers visiting Williamsburg. The bakery is open until 4 pm every day but go early if you want to make sure you get your hands of some of the buttery baked goods and the renowned seeded sourdough.

Seating and accessibility: it’s a little shop without seating. And as the door is also a bit narrow it’s not possible to bring a stroller or wheelchair inside.


80 Kent St, Brooklyn

Maman Greenpoint, seating and accessibility.

Technically, Maman is located in the nearby neighborhood of Greenpoint. But it’s also one of our favorites and so we squeezed it in. This highly Instagram-friendly café offers the most delicious pastries and cake as well as tasty salads and sandwiches.

Seating and accessibility: Maman is hugely popular and it can be difficult to get a table. However, it is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs though space might be a bit tight during rush hours. There’s a communal table right at the entrance with room for both wheelchairs or strollers.

The Bakeshop by Woops

548 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn

You can just about squeeze in an Uppababy Vista stroller through the narrow door at Woops.

At this charming bakery chain ideally located near the Bedford Avenue subway station, the first Brooklyn stop on the L train from Manhattan, you will find a wide selection of yummy cookies, pastries, and a large variety of macarons (French macaroons).

Seating and accessibility: a good number of tables available. You can just about squeeze in an Uppababy Vista stroller through the narrow door but it’ll be tricky getting a wheelchair over the heightened entrance.

Luckybird Bakery

163 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn

Beautiful handcrafted cakes at Luckybird Bakery in Williamsburg.

Luckybird is a boutique bakery specializing in beautiful handcrafted indulgent cakes and baked goods. Featured in Vogue, NY Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, the Knot, and plenty more, Luckybird’s ‘naked’ cakes are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but taste just as good. The cakes at Luckybird Bakery are, however, a bit on the drier side so make sure to eat up.

The daily menu includes rosewater scones, Belgian dark chocolate chip scones, savory biscuits, quiche, and classic chocolate chip cookies with Maldon sea salt flakes.

Seating and accessibility: there are a good number of tables in the little bakery. However, there are a few steps up so you would need assistance if you have a (small) stroller or are in a wheelchair.


43 N 5th St, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
31 Greenpoint Ave (Greenpoint)

Seating, Ovenly in Williamsburg.

The little shop in Williamsburg (there’s one in Greenpoint too) serves muffins, scones, cookies, and crispy croissants. Get the salted caramel brownie or pick up a delicious coffee to go if too crowded.

Seating and accessibility: it’s a small shop and there are only a few tables at the Williamsburg location. A big stroller or a wheelchair can easily fit through the door though, so make your way in and avoid the busiest hours.

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