Review of Conditori La Glace in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has exceptional bakeries and pastry shops and La Glace in the heart of the city is probably the very best – perhaps anywhere. Read on for our review of La Glace in Copenhagen, Denmark.

La Glace

Skoubougade 3
1158 Copenhagen

Conditori La Glace was established in 1870 and is the oldest and probably best confectionery in Copenhagen. A visit to La Glace is a must for any cake aficionado.

I have been going to La Glace ever since I was little. We’ve ordered cakes for birthdays, graduations, celebrations, and well just the occasional Monday splurge. My dad is just as fond of their cakes as I am so in our family there always seems to be an occasion for having a piece of La Glace cake.

La Glace offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries. I have been through the cake menu a few times and highly recommend the “Volmer Sørensen” which consists of soft nougat in whipped cream, a macaroon bottom, apricot marmalade, and vanilla cream decorated with a marzipan border. Runner-up is the “Autumn cake” which consists of chocolate truffle on a chocolate bottom all smothered in butter chocolate and decorated with chocolate leaves. Another favorite is the classic Othello cake or the specialty of the house “the Sports Cake” (…no resemblance to sports with its crushed nougat, whipped cream, macaroon bottom, and caramelized choux pastry). But no matter the choice, La Glace will not disappoint! Don’t miss out on the hot chocolate, which is served in a separate little metal pot and comes with a small bowl of fresh whipped cream.

At the height of the season, there is always a long line of people outside the café. But don’t be discouraged; the wait will be well worth it.

La Glace Location:

La Glace is located in central Copenhagen between Nyhavn and Tivoli Gardens. It’s a five-minute walk from Copenhagen Metro station located on City Hall Square.

La Glace Reservations:

Unfortunately, reservations are not accepted at La Glace. They do, however, have a seating capacity of about 120 people. If you are visiting with a group of 8 to 12 people, you can reserve a room at the La Glace Guest Salon.

La Glace Prices:

La Glace is an upscale, high-quality bakery, and the prices are on the high side. A slice of their famous layer cake costs approximately $10 (67 DKK).

I usually go for either the ‘Volmer Sørensen’, ‘the Fall cake’ or ‘the Othello’. This is one of the rare times I’ve gone with one of the ‘newer’ cakes. Oh, and definitely get the hot chocolate with whipped cream.
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The store windows are always festively decorated to match the season. The Christmas decorations are particularly elaborate and impressive and warrant a visit by themselves.

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